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Review: Nigor WickiUp 3


I have to admit that before I got a chance to review this tent (which actually is a Tipi), I hadn’t actually heard about the brand, Nigor. But at less than 2 kilograms / around 4 lbs. and with room for 3 persons, it really intrigued me. In this review, I’ll give you some main points about what this tent has to offer and give you my impressions.

About Nigor

Nigor is a Dutch brand, founded in 2014. Related to Eureka (remember the Eureka Timberline?) and Helinox (I personally LOVE Helinox products, use them all the time and view this brand in very high regard). Nigor strikes me as ambitious.

Key facts


The tipi shape

As I said in the beginning, this tent is actually a tipi. There are some advantages to utilizing this shape in a tent. First, the center pole gives very good stability to the tent. Second, with the angle of the fly sheet on a tipi, water will just flow right down and not gather on top of the tent.

In some tipis, you can use a stove too. Not in this one. But this is a tipi weighing less than 2 kg. Most tipis often weigh up to 10 kg, which is 5 times heavier. The heavier tipis lack the portability. WickiUp 3 does not.

Talking about fire though, I read that if you are unlucky (or clumsy), the materials on the WickiUp 3 will not burn, but instead melt. So that’s a nice feature to have in terms of security.


There are several alternatives to choose from when using the WickiUp 3 (more about that in the next chapter), as such, I have listed up the weight of the main components:


Soruces regarding weight:



You have a lot of options with this tent. You can use the inner tent alone, or you can use the outer tent alone, or you can combine the outer tent with the footprint, depending on your needs.

If you go for the fly sheet along with the optional accessory of the footprint, you have a relatively large shelter with the weight of 1331 g (2,9 lbs.), which is ridiculously low.

I have seen some cool photos recently where the center pole was ditched and two wooden sticks were used instead, to form an “A-frame”. On the ground the guy used cow skins instead of the inner tent or the footprint. Check out @bushcraftflevoland on Instagram to see for your self.

For me though, I would probably bring everything except the foot print. The floor, with 40d strength (more on this in the next section) seems tough enough for me to withstand rocky grounds. And with the weight being very low from the start, it’s not like I’ll be carrying a heavy load either way.

The pole that goes in the center is also adjustable, by the way. Pick your height J

I actually think you can use a trekking pole in the center as well, but I haven’t tried this out.


The quality of this tent is excellent.  The floor has a 10 000 mm water proof (and is made of 40 d material)

The fabrics are silicon treated ( 3 layer – the same as Hilleberg tents if I’m not mistaken).

Below is a table from Nigor’s website showing the different fabrics used in the tents.

The Wickiup 3 uses Gorlyn 20 (6.6 nylon min) in the fly.


Table 1 – source: Nigor’s website.

The tear strength is really excellent. If you look at GorLyn 20, which is the basis of the WickiUp 3, it actually has stronger minimum tear strength than the fabrics Kerlon 1000 (8 kg tear strength) and Kerlon 600 (6 kg tear strength) from Hilleberg (source:

Pitching the tent

Pitching this tent is incredibly easy.

Just lay the inner tent out, put in the pole, adjust it, and get the pegs in the 6 corners. Tighten.

Then you just throw the fly over the inner tent and use the same pegs.

You can tighten to get the tension you want.

There are also loops for tightening with cord. These loops light up in the dark, which is cool.

If you plan on using the outer and inner tent together, I would suggest you clipping them together (there are clips there J) when the tent is pitched up, but leave the clips on when you’re taking the tent down as well. It will make it even faster to pitch up the next time. That is if you plan on bringing both of them for your next adventure.


The tent is described as a 3 person tent. But I’ve seen some say that it shines when used by 2 persons and then having lots of room for gear. I haven’t tried getting 3 persons in it. But in my experience, most 3 person tents are comfortable 2 person tents.

However, I feel that this tent is quite spacious. Incredible spacious if you think of the weight.

One thing I miss is pockets to store gear. But I think there are ways to achieve this by using your creativity and the center pole. I will try out some stuff the next time. The center pole could prove to be very handy.


Figure 1 – dimensions –  source: Nigor’s website.

Taking the tent down and storing it

It’s as easy as pitching it. No, easier. And this is the first tent that I have come across that actually fits in the side pockets of my backpack! And it’s still a 3 person tent. That is just something that amazes me. It’s almost as small as my sleeping pad! And again, it’s not a small shelter, it’s quite large!

Target groups

With the flexibility this tent offers, I can actually see it being used in both traditional (car) camping, but also being perfect for the lightweight hiker.

It is defined (as far as I know) as a 3 season tent. But I used it in Norway in the middle of December without any problems (night temperature was between -5 and -10 celcius  / 14 to 23 f).


I love this tent (tipi!!!). It’s lightweight, spacious and high quality all the way. It’s not cheap. But the above mentioned has a price. The point I consider when buying outdoor gear is the price to value. And the price to value of the WickiUp 3 is excellent. Don’t underestimate it, I have a suspicion that I might hear more about Nigor in the years to come.

Other reviews


Thank you to Nigor for providing me with this tent and footprint to review. The opinions expressed in this review are still 100 % honest and sincere.

About the photos

If you see the photos of the WickiUp 3 that I have taken, the tent isn’t fully stretched. This is my fault. Because the area where I reviewed the tent was rockier than I thought. Still, It didn’t mean much, other than the fact that the tent on the photos isn’t as symmetrical as it should be.

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